I’m able to come back to this since I do have the day off from work and the luxury to sit on my bed, veg with junk reality tv and write this on my macbook..i’m going to the kings of leon concert tonite with my oldest friend (not oldest in age, but oldest in length of knowing each other, which is 21 yrs..yep, since kindergarten) and couldn’t be more excited..since i’ve been seeing Mike, my much needed ‘girl-time’ has dwindled, and while I was on the other side more recently than not, i used to never understand why my taken friends couldn’t make time for their single friends and balance the two relationships better. Now that I’m with someone who lives very close to me and who I can see whenever, it’s easy to drop off sometimes and miss out on opportunities with friends, because of this other person. I’m trying to get back and maintain the balance the best i can. I’ve been surrounded by books, shows, and movies that embrace the single girl and relationships. Now that it isn’t me, I don’t gravitate to those pop culture situations like i used to (i.e. watch he’s not that into you constantly, satc episodes, read dating self-help books, go straight to the articles in cosmo about what you can do to make yourself more appealing, how to read his signals, etc). I know that is a big duh for a taken girl, but it was such a big part of my life before, so it’s funny to have that block on those things now..anyways, enough about that…ive been thinking about my summer that lies ahead and what i want to do…here’s a list of a few things:

Get a crazy color mani/pedi (like day glow yellow or green..something you can only get away with for summer)

Dine al fresco every opportunity i can with a good sangria

More Yankee games

Dinners after days at the beach

Parker House evenings

Concerts (Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon)

Vegas again!!! (Grand Canyon this time too!)

Beer garden outings

Frying Pan/Boat Basin

Pinkberry, often

Reading all the books I got for the beach (Carrie Diaries, Burnt Toast, Hollywood Car Wash, My First New York, Lunch in Paris)

Buy aviators that don’t make my face look distorted

Watch Bethenny Getting Married?, RHONJ, Glee, and Bachelorette

Get a hobby (not Bethenny to Jill style, but a real hobby, like get back into painting or something)

i think that’s it so far 🙂 anyways, time to enjoy some of my day off before the concert