I can explain. I didn’t forget this work in progress outlet that some of you may or may not read 😉 Between working every night until 10pm and on some weekends (yes weekends), as well as seeing my friends and balancing life with my new *gushy gush* boyfriend, i haven’t had time to populate this blog that is dear to my heart and has been helpful when venting about my everyday trials and tribulations (thank you spellcheck). Aside from the hectic and demanding job, life’s been pretty great 🙂 now before you roll your eyes and think, yeah yeah, good for her, realize that I’ve been through so much to even get to this point where I can even consider calling it ‘great’. So much would include the wrong guys, fickle, fairweather, so not worth it frenemies, health obstacles on the family front, financial woes, and overall esteem. I realized instead of focusing on everything that may have been going against me, I should focus on what is going for me in my life and learn to accept myself for who i am and roll with the punches. I’ve told myself to do that in the past and even convinced myself that i was behaving that way, but now i really have lived by those words and it’s made a world of difference. I’ve focused on the people who have had a positive effect in my life, weeded out the negativity, listed out (yes i like lists) what is good about me, and gave attention to those things. Being happy with myself was the only way i’d eventually find someone great to start a relationship with, because let’s face it, no one likes a debbie downer or someone who puts themselves down all the time..that’s not attractive and almost seems like you’re fishing for compliments from someone..no need to act like this charity case who receives pity compliments because someone will feel guilty if they don’t tell you that you’re pretty, smart, funny, etc. I think I’ve improved on having more confidence in myself, not in a way where i think i’m the greatest 26 yr old ever, but where i can say, okay, i think i dress nice, i have a contagious smile, i’m dependable and can have a decent sense of humor, etc…anyways, to my point..i accepted myself and have tried to have a more positive outlook and i think some of that, aside from being myself and completely honest with myself and others, i was able to meet someone really great…i’ve realized that when it is right (i’ve dealt with a lot of ‘not right’ guy situations in my life, as those few of you who may read this already knew), it’s not so difficult..everything is just so effortless and not so..confusing..maybe because he’s over 30 and he’s gotten the mind game playing out of his system? or maybe he’s just the type of guy that has always kept his word and followed through? i’m thinking it could be a mix, but knowing him for the month and a half i’ve known him, im going to think it’s the latter 🙂 having him in my life just makes everything else seem okay..like nothing is that earth shattering anymore..even this job that gives me that burning stress level isn’t as awful (still isn’t great, believe me) because i know that at day’s end, he’ll be there to hear about it all and that he’s still in my life..i take it all by the day, but it’s been great so far and it’s just made everything else so much better in my life 🙂 we shall see what happens..so if you were wondering why i wasnt typing as much on here, you can now see that i’ve been busy 😉