I know it’s been awhile since i’ve written on this (work has been insane busy and who wants to hear from me daily, anyway?)..since the weather’s gotten warmer, my life has been improving (total coincidence but the external sunshine doesn’t hurt), so i thought i’d reflect on some of my ‘greatest hits’ of the week..ill try to make this a weekly thing, which will include random things that have made me happy for the week..since i’m an overall positive person, i like to look for the good things in life instead of always focusing on the negative…k here goes..

APPLE PRODUCTS!!! I was a mac from the 5th grade-senior yr of HS and then switched to gateway in college..big mistake..it disguised as a great computer for awhile, but i kept getting viruses and it would just unnecessarily crash..so then i switched to an HP pavilion..same story..recently experienced 3 viruses with it in less than a year so i gave up on PCs and went back to my roots, Team Justin Long and will never look back…couldn’t be more excited about having a mac..now i’m really channeling carrie bradshaw..i own sample sale-priced manolos, so now i just need my Big..hahaha

Jamba Juice!!! Now as most of you may know, I’m not a coffee person (except that very occasional iced coffee when i’m hungover..thank you dunkin donuts drive thru!), so nothing gives me that ‘jolt’ like jamba does…my fave flavors are berry fulfilling and pomegranate paradise..now i want one..

The end of March Madness!!! as much as i love watching pro sports, i’m not that into college basketball likely because i didn’t go to a huge basketball school…therefore, my school would never be in the bracket race and i dunno, i think it’s kinda weird to be into a specific team that isn’t your alma mater..jmo..anyways, excited for it to be almost over so the primary focus for all will be as it should, nhl playoffs and the start of the baseball season!!!!

Clinique gift sets–Every few months, I like to hit up Macys or Bloomies and get new makeup products that are necessarily in my everyday life (moisture surge, great lengths mascara, sunset blush and lip gloss are some Clinique faves of mine..my mom has been using Clinique since she was 16 and got me into it at that age as well) and the added bonus when i make my purchase are those free gift sets…some gift sets from these department store makeup brands can be frugal and not even travel size, but i’ve always liked clinique’s sets which usually come with a mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, moisturizer and makeup remover, with a fun and colorful makeup bag..who couldn’t use that?

Reading a new book…i like starting fresh with a new book and some of the ones on my radar have been Chelsea Bang Bang (love Chelsea Handler), Lunch in Paris, The NY Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance (it’s supposed to be really funny, by Glamour contributor Elna Baker and her experiences being a Mormon in NYC), and Living Oprah..I’ve started to read Living Oprah, about a woman who vows to live one year on Oprah’s advice, in every aspect of her life–health, fashion, finances, romance, etc..so far so good..i have a feeling that she’ll learn it’s not best to follow the most powerful woman in TV in every aspect..while some of her ideas and recommendations are great, it’s not the way to exclusively life..it’s an interesting approach and i look forward to reading it when i can

The Coach Kristin line is a fresh, spring extension of the line, which is reminiscent of Calvin Klein’s simple but functional and fashionable style..i own the leather hobo in chalk and see myself getting a lot of wear out of it this season.

A new fragrance…As you can tell, I love starting a season with a few fresh items and I don’t neglect that with perfume. I like the Miss Dior Cherie L’eau. It’s a clean scent that isn’t overbearing that i can wear during the day as well as for special occasions, like weddings, which have been pretty common for me lately.

Speaking of weddings, i was fortunate enough to attend my old college roommate’s wedding last weekend in DC. The weather was perfect, and i got to spend time with some of the girls from college who i haven’t seen in awhile. My friend looked beautiful and so happy with her new husband, who i think is great for her and will make her very happy in the years to come. While we’re all hoping to find that person one day, you can’t help but be blissfully happy for those in your life who find that for themselves, especially when they are perfect for that person. Congrats Nicola!! Okay everyone, those are my ‘greatest hits’ for the week! catch ya lata!