As most people know (you’d have to live under a rock if you didn’t), Jesse James allegedly cheated on Sandra Bullock with some tattoo model/stripper. I wish men didn’t have such inferiority complexes (a big one that always stood out to me was Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe), and if they did, just end it and go for that cocktail waitress/tattoo whore/etc instead of putting your partner through all of that agony and grief in the headlines. I minored in psych so I always look deeper at these things, but it’s almost like they want to see their successful partner fail in some way, and that’s why they do it. But at that same time, it makes them look even worse than they did before, even if it does spring all this media attention on them. Will successful women in Hollywood ever be lucky in love? Does it have to be with a man who is super low profile (a la Meryl Streep’s husband), or someone just as equal or more successful? Can’t these women have their cake and eat it too? Sandra Bullock, who I’ve adored since While You Were Sleeping (very similar to her summer blockbuster The Proposal, but without immigration issues or Ryan Reynolds), seems like a very down to earth, easygoing person who deserves all the success she has earned. I can’t understand why a guy who never deserved her in the first place (he was damn lucky), and seemed to put her on a pedestal, would ever lapse and go for such trash? As much as we yearn for that happy ending with a guy, sometimes I feel like we’re better off alone. Not necessarily permanently, but at least alone, we aren’t going to be dropped with some bombshell or end up with a broken heart. When you observe experiences like this (yes I know it’s with an A-lister but this can and has happened to anyone and everyone), it’s important to realize and understand that you should never ever settle, and be absolutely sure that this is the person you want to be with through thick and thin, and unless they pull something like this off, you can worth through anything with them.