Like many friends, I finally caved and dipped my foot into the pool of online dating, and it’s been an interesting ride. Even when you have a specific template or set of standards for what you want, and seem to be clear about that, everyone and everything in the kitchen sink seems to find you and try their luck. I thought I would have an open mind and go completely out of my ‘radius of standards’ but this experience has made me realize how picky I really am. While getting a free meal and going out with some freaks would make for some great stories, I just don’t find the need to waste my time like that. I want to spend my time with someone who is worth changing plans with a friend for. I’ve spoken to a few here and there, and even met one,  who was a really nice guy, but predictable and always calling when he said he would, etc. That would usually be oh-so-refreshing to me but I like having a challenge. I mean of course we want a guy who will call us when he says he does and geuninely showers us with compliments (ones we want to hear aside from appearances), but is that enough? I decided to embark on online dating because I was nursing a broken heart and was hoping this would get my mind off of things. It sadly did 2 things: made me realize I am not over that person who broke my heart yet and that I am picky and can’t just settle for anyone who may reach out to me. I feel like I’ve been through enough with the wrong guys in the past few years that I need to hold out for someone who is worth it. I guess being someone who is pretty impatient, I wanted it sooner than later, but I guess it will just take some more time to get to that point. One positive thing out of meeting people through these sites is that I take something different from each of them (like they arent the complete package I’m looking for, and no i dont have these crazy high standards–i just want the normal credentials met like college educated, caucasian, never married, no children, employed), and realize that I do have things to offer someone and will make someone worthy happy someday and vice versa. However, I realize I like when a guy isnt so predictable and someone who I wonder when he’ll call or experience a refreshing surprise when he does something I least expect. I want someone like the person I’m trying to get over, someone who made me feel exactly the way he did when things were good (like he was almost made for me or something). Like Tori Spelling once said about her husband, Dean McDermott (this quoting shouldn’t be a surprise from me since I love Tori!), when she met him, she saw so much of herself in him and it was like coming home. I want that. I felt that with this guy and I want to feel that way with the next one. At least when I feel that way again, I will know. One thing I know I won’t do is go back to that person who broke my heart and settle for someone who let me go in the first place. I want more than that.