I tend to overload myself with plans and keep busy on my weeknights and weekends, but due to the inclement weather, I had an excuse to breathe, and take some time to relax and evaluate everything in my life. It was nice to spend my weekend in sweatpants and catching up with my DVR, as it downpoured outside. I woke up this morning (spring ahead) and read that as a result of this crazy storm in the tristate area, trees had fallen down and crushed people’s cars and a few had died. It made me grateful that everything in my life was in one piece and the biggest concern I had was the dread of the approaching work week. We may all complain at times about minute things that can put a snag into our strides, but we should be grateful for what is going for us and realize that things could be a lot worse. That’s my hope for 2010, that we are all a little more positive and we should count our blessings.

Okay, onto some fun rings I’m loving and lusting for: