Before I go into my thoughts on some spring cravings, I want to take a minute to remember someone who was in my life for only a short amount of time, but who impacted me and who I think of often, and that is my grandfather, who passed away 20 yrs ago today. I was only 6 yrs old, but I remember my mother receiving the dreaded phone call that he had passed away after a sudden heart attack during dinner. I would be the only grandchild he’d ever have, and I recall spending my early yrs going down to my grandparents for the weekend, sitting on his lap while watching cartoons, him pushing me on the swings, and being someone who was admired by many. He was the CEO of a company he had built from the bottom in the 1970s with my grandmother, and touched the lives of his employees, members of the community, and most of all, his family. My dad said when they first met (when he and my mom started dating 30+ yrs ago), he said that my grandfather always had the best recommendations for food (he knew where to get the best steak, burger, fish, anything, and always ordered it with a side of scotch) and took them out to his favorite haunts all over the city. He had a lot of health problems going against him from a young age, but it didn’t hinder him from living his life the fullest and making a home for his family (my mom said he would give the shirt off his back to just about anyone). When I interned at the company he had started (now my grandmother is the CEO), I came across all these newspaper clippings she saved, from interviews and articles he wrote for them about running a business, his family, and passion for life, and it would bring me to tears. I felt privileged that I could acquaint myself with him through these articles.  I wish I knew him past those 6 yrs of my life, but I feel his presence all the time, whether it’s through my positive attitude, my work ethic, my love of good food, and appreciation of those around me. I miss him everyday and know that while he may not be with us here, he still touches the lives of all those he came across in his 54 years. I dedicate this entry to him:  Paul DesChamps: 8/14/35-3/12/90.

Okay so now, what I’m craving for spring:

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park, NYC and also 77th and Columbus Ave)

I was lucky enough to work across the street from the Madison Square Park location for 2 yrs. We used to venture here ALL the time, and they in fact have, one of the best burgers. I usually get the shack burger (cheeseburger, with lettuce, tomato, special sauce, which is this concoction i cannot describe, but oh so good), fries, and a concrete jungle shake (vanilla, chocolate, banana and peanut butter mixed into a shake of amazingness). A lot of my vegetarian friends swear by the Shroom Burger (I hate mushrooms so I will never try), and my ambitious appetite friends get the Shack Stack (a double Shack Burger) with CHEESE fries and the concrete jungle shake. I like getting the freshly made Arnold Palmers as well. I recommend going to the Madison Square Park location in warmer temps since there’s outside seating (great for people watching). Note though that this is a major attraction, so you should try to get there early (11:30am) or later in the afternoon when there isn’t so much lunch traffic (like 3pm). You can also order and pick up, which is something we did a lot in the winter. All in all, a great place to try.

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aidan Bag (a splurge-y $498)

(sold at Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomies, etc)

I think gray is a great neutral and transition into spring vs black. I love that this bag is big enough to store all my junk (I carry lots of cargo..haha) and still has that chicness to it. I will be lusting this all spring (especially with the estimated ship date not being til 5/15).

Essie’s Mint Candy Apple nail polish!

Time to trash my winter colors that would be Essie’s Wicked and OPI’s Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not and embrace the colors of springtime, such as Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, RGB’s Doll, and OPI’s A Grape Fit.

Yankee Baseball Season!!!

When the weather is nice, and you have a fun group along for the ride, nothing is more fun than going to a Yankee game (esp when they win and when it does NOT rain). The 27 time world champions always attract a celebrity crowd, and i’m happy as a clam with my beer and hot dog, while shouting for some history to be made, even if it does put a tiny dent in my bank account.

Street fairs!

NYC has great markets on the weekends, which can close off several blocks. They can boast some great finds like pashimas, funky cocktail rings (ehem), vintage designer finds (i got gucci slippers at one a few yrs back), and zeppoles!

Al Fresco Dining

A fave of mine!!! I love going to brunch, happy hours, dinners, ANY MEAL, and eating outside. One of my fave places to go (esp to people watch) would be Caliente Cab in the West Village. Great Mexican food and ah-mazing margaritas! Ole!

Driving with the sunroof/moonroof down

Gotta love those roadtrips with the wind combing through your hair. Just hope it doesn’t result in a Bridget Jones fiasco (knots and volume!).

Lovequotes Scarves!!

These are light and come in every color. I love to use them to cover my arms when I’m indoors, or to wrap around my neck when I’m wearing a light jacket. This is a celeb fave and has been seen on the likes of Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Bosworth to name a few!


Some of my faves that I’ve been lucky to hit up in the springtime include Bon Jovi, Bruce, DMB, KT Tunstall, Dashboard Confessional, The Killers,  LIVE EARTH (ok so maybe this was summer, whatever..haha), and U2!

I think I’ve used a sufficient amount of your time (props to you for making it this far!!). Looking forward to the warmer weather. Have a great weekend, everyone!