When I was in college, I was inspired by one of my favorite TV characters (yes I am one of those, I loved SATC and Miss Carrie Bradshaw, get over it..i won’t spend my blogs quoting her and musing about love, don’t worry) to write a blog about my life, post breakup with my college boyfriend. Writing for me is a release and at that time, it was an outlet for me to vent about what I was going through daily, whether it was the awkward encounters I faced when seeing him on campus, or trying to give that guy in my cognitive psych class a chance, or just trying to figure myself out and what I wanted in my next relationship. All in all, it was a refreshing testament to my life and a diary of my young, naive hopes and fears, while trying to get over someone I thought I couldn’t live without (ah, the cutesy POV of a 19 yr old in love). Believe me, I could and I think I lived even better without him in my life. Anyways, enough about the past. I am 26 now, and leaving 20 yr old Danielle behind. Since I tire of reading the same old sites daily during the slow days of pre media planning for the next campaign year, I will be writing. Some things may be of interest to you, some things may not be and I understand that, but since it’s my blog, I’m at liberty to discuss ANYTHING i want!!! 🙂  I have a wealth of interests, so don’t be surprised if one entry covers a major sports trade or game, and then the next discusses the best burger I’ve ever had, and if the NEXT entry talks about what I’m lusting for in the upcoming spring season (expect a lot of, you guessed it, cocktail rings, along with satchels, shoes, scarves, dresses, etc).

Most of you who will be reading my blog will likely already know me, so if you are in that classification, feel free to skip this paragraph and go to the next. If you do not know me, thanks for spending your downtime reading this before going onto your twitter page, to facebook to stalk everyone you’re friends with (come on, you know you even look at that rando from HS’s page every now and then, esp when they post pics), perez to check out some celeb gossip he took from other sites (ehem tmz, eonline, pinkisthenewblog, dlisted, tyler durden, the list goes on), cnn/foxnews/nbc/people, so in the event some higher up walks by, you look like you care about the world. Anyways, there I go babbling. So for those of you who do not know me, I love sports (all of them, and i love spending a nite in after work watching one of my teams play), traveling (to the familiar and unknown), sleeping in, going to a good dive with a good beer (some faves I’ll be sure to cover in upcoming entries), karaoke, celeb gossip, drinking an abnormal amount of Snapple daily (diet peach is a fave), and of course cheeseburgers and cocktail rings. It reflects me kinda well since I am laid back with some girly girl mixed in.

You may ask, why did I call this blog ‘Cheeseburgers and Cocktail Rings’? Well there’s a few reasons. Aside from the literal meaning of my love for both cheeseburgers and cocktail rings, I’m a fan of 2 opposing ideas coming together like eating fast food in an evening gown (experienced this myself a few times, drowning my sorrows with a Big Mac and Supersize Diet Coke after being dumped by my first post-collegiate work romance, hmm would I even call it a romance? and of course, the most recent, going to In and Out Burger in our going out garb, via limo in Vegas!!), mixing sweet with salty (pretzels and chocolate..mmhmm), and those high profile/average joe/josephine match-ups we frequently see happening (i.e. Chris O’Donnell and his school teacher wife, who i love together!)..I’m a fan of polarizing ideas such as these. Anyways, I hope you enjoy what I will be providing in these coming months…if anything, it can be another website you peruse during your downtime in the office 😉