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I’m able to come back to this since I do have the day off from work and the luxury to sit on my bed, veg with junk reality tv and write this on my macbook..i’m going to the kings of leon concert tonite with my oldest friend (not oldest in age, but oldest in length of knowing each other, which is 21 yrs..yep, since kindergarten) and couldn’t be more excited..since i’ve been seeing Mike, my much needed ‘girl-time’ has dwindled, and while I was on the other side more recently than not, i used to never understand why my taken friends couldn’t make time for their single friends and balance the two relationships better. Now that I’m with someone who lives very close to me and who I can see whenever, it’s easy to drop off sometimes and miss out on opportunities with friends, because of this other person. I’m trying to get back and maintain the balance the best i can. I’ve been surrounded by books, shows, and movies that embrace the single girl and relationships. Now that it isn’t me, I don’t gravitate to those pop culture situations like i used to (i.e. watch he’s not that into you constantly, satc episodes, read dating self-help books, go straight to the articles in cosmo about what you can do to make yourself more appealing, how to read his signals, etc). I know that is a big duh for a taken girl, but it was such a big part of my life before, so it’s funny to have that block on those things now..anyways, enough about that…ive been thinking about my summer that lies ahead and what i want to do…here’s a list of a few things:

Get a crazy color mani/pedi (like day glow yellow or green..something you can only get away with for summer)

Dine al fresco every opportunity i can with a good sangria

More Yankee games

Dinners after days at the beach

Parker House evenings

Concerts (Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon)

Vegas again!!! (Grand Canyon this time too!)

Beer garden outings

Frying Pan/Boat Basin

Pinkberry, often

Reading all the books I got for the beach (Carrie Diaries, Burnt Toast, Hollywood Car Wash, My First New York, Lunch in Paris)

Buy aviators that don’t make my face look distorted

Watch Bethenny Getting Married?, RHONJ, Glee, and Bachelorette

Get a hobby (not Bethenny to Jill style, but a real hobby, like get back into painting or something)

i think that’s it so far πŸ™‚ anyways, time to enjoy some of my day off before the concert


I can explain. I didn’t forget this work in progress outlet that some of you may or may not read πŸ˜‰ Between working every night until 10pm and on some weekends (yes weekends), as well as seeing my friends and balancing life with my new *gushy gush* boyfriend, i haven’t had time to populate this blog that is dear to my heart and has been helpful when venting about my everyday trials and tribulations (thank you spellcheck). Aside from the hectic and demanding job, life’s been pretty great πŸ™‚ now before you roll your eyes and think, yeah yeah, good for her, realize that I’ve been through so much to even get to this point where I can even consider calling it ‘great’. So much would include the wrong guys, fickle, fairweather, so not worth it frenemies, health obstacles on the family front, financial woes, and overall esteem. I realized instead of focusing on everything that may have been going against me, I should focus on what is going for me in my life and learn to accept myself for who i am and roll with the punches. I’ve told myself to do that in the past and even convinced myself that i was behaving that way, but now i really have lived by those words and it’s made a world of difference. I’ve focused on the people who have had a positive effect in my life, weeded out the negativity, listed out (yes i like lists) what is good about me, and gave attention to those things. Being happy with myself was the only way i’d eventually find someone great to start a relationship with, because let’s face it, no one likes a debbie downer or someone who puts themselves down all the time..that’s not attractive and almost seems like you’re fishing for compliments from need to act like this charity case who receives pity compliments because someone will feel guilty if they don’t tell you that you’re pretty, smart, funny, etc. I think I’ve improved on having more confidence in myself, not in a way where i think i’m the greatest 26 yr old ever, but where i can say, okay, i think i dress nice, i have a contagious smile, i’m dependable and can have a decent sense of humor, etc…anyways, to my point..i accepted myself and have tried to have a more positive outlook and i think some of that, aside from being myself and completely honest with myself and others, i was able to meet someone really great…i’ve realized that when it is right (i’ve dealt with a lot of ‘not right’ guy situations in my life, as those few of you who may read this already knew), it’s not so difficult..everything is just so effortless and not so..confusing..maybe because he’s over 30 and he’s gotten the mind game playing out of his system? or maybe he’s just the type of guy that has always kept his word and followed through? i’m thinking it could be a mix, but knowing him for the month and a half i’ve known him, im going to think it’s the latter πŸ™‚ having him in my life just makes everything else seem nothing is that earth shattering anymore..even this job that gives me that burning stress level isn’t as awful (still isn’t great, believe me) because i know that at day’s end, he’ll be there to hear about it all and that he’s still in my life..i take it all by the day, but it’s been great so far and it’s just made everything else so much better in my life πŸ™‚ we shall see what if you were wondering why i wasnt typing as much on here, you can now see that i’ve been busy πŸ˜‰

I know it’s been awhile since i’ve written on this (work has been insane busy and who wants to hear from me daily, anyway?)..since the weather’s gotten warmer, my life has been improving (total coincidence but the external sunshine doesn’t hurt), so i thought i’d reflect on some of my ‘greatest hits’ of the week..ill try to make this a weekly thing, which will include random things that have made me happy for the week..since i’m an overall positive person, i like to look for the good things in life instead of always focusing on the negative…k here goes..

APPLE PRODUCTS!!! I was a mac from the 5th grade-senior yr of HS and then switched to gateway in college..big disguised as a great computer for awhile, but i kept getting viruses and it would just unnecessarily then i switched to an HP pavilion..same story..recently experienced 3 viruses with it in less than a year so i gave up on PCs and went back to my roots, Team Justin Long and will never look back…couldn’t be more excited about having a i’m really channeling carrie bradshaw..i own sample sale-priced manolos, so now i just need my Big..hahaha

Jamba Juice!!! Now as most of you may know, I’m not a coffee person (except that very occasional iced coffee when i’m hungover..thank you dunkin donuts drive thru!), so nothing gives me that ‘jolt’ like jamba does…my fave flavors are berry fulfilling and pomegranate i want one..

The end of March Madness!!! as much as i love watching pro sports, i’m not that into college basketball likely because i didn’t go to a huge basketball school…therefore, my school would never be in the bracket race and i dunno, i think it’s kinda weird to be into a specific team that isn’t your alma mater..jmo..anyways, excited for it to be almost over so the primary focus for all will be as it should, nhl playoffs and the start of the baseball season!!!!

Clinique gift sets–Every few months, I like to hit up Macys or Bloomies and get new makeup products that are necessarily in my everyday life (moisture surge, great lengths mascara, sunset blush and lip gloss are some Clinique faves of mom has been using Clinique since she was 16 and got me into it at that age as well) and the added bonus when i make my purchase are those free gift sets…some gift sets from these department store makeup brands can be frugal and not even travel size, but i’ve always liked clinique’s sets which usually come with a mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, moisturizer and makeup remover, with a fun and colorful makeup bag..who couldn’t use that?

Reading a new book…i like starting fresh with a new book and some of the ones on my radar have been Chelsea Bang Bang (love Chelsea Handler), Lunch in Paris, The NY Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance (it’s supposed to be really funny, by Glamour contributor Elna Baker and her experiences being a Mormon in NYC), and Living Oprah..I’ve started to read Living Oprah, about a woman who vows to live one year on Oprah’s advice, in every aspect of her life–health, fashion, finances, romance, far so good..i have a feeling that she’ll learn it’s not best to follow the most powerful woman in TV in every aspect..while some of her ideas and recommendations are great, it’s not the way to exclusively’s an interesting approach and i look forward to reading it when i can

The Coach Kristin line is a fresh, spring extension of the line, which is reminiscent of Calvin Klein’s simple but functional and fashionable style..i own the leather hobo in chalk and see myself getting a lot of wear out of it this season.

A new fragrance…As you can tell, I love starting a season with a few fresh items and I don’t neglect that with perfume. I like the Miss Dior Cherie L’eau. It’s a clean scent that isn’t overbearing that i can wear during the day as well as for special occasions, like weddings, which have been pretty common for me lately.

Speaking of weddings, i was fortunate enough to attend my old college roommate’s wedding last weekend in DC. The weather was perfect, and i got to spend time with some of the girls from college who i haven’t seen in awhile. My friend looked beautiful and so happy with her new husband, who i think is great for her and will make her very happy in the years to come. While we’re all hoping to find that person one day, you can’t help but be blissfully happy for those in your life who find that for themselves, especially when they are perfect for that person. Congrats Nicola!! Okay everyone, those are my ‘greatest hits’ for the week! catch ya lata!

As most people know (you’d have to live under a rock if you didn’t), Jesse James allegedly cheated on Sandra Bullock with some tattoo model/stripper. I wish men didn’t have such inferiority complexes (a big one that always stood out to me was Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe), and if they did, just end it and go for that cocktail waitress/tattoo whore/etc instead of putting your partner through all of that agony and grief in the headlines. I minored in psych so I always look deeper at these things, but it’s almost like they want to see their successful partner fail in some way, and that’s why they do it. But at that same time, it makes them look even worse than they did before, even if it does spring all this media attention on them. Will successful women in Hollywood ever be lucky in love? Does it have to be with a man who is super low profile (a la Meryl Streep’s husband), or someone just as equal or more successful? Can’t these women have their cake and eat it too? Sandra Bullock, who I’ve adored since While You Were Sleeping (very similar to her summer blockbuster The Proposal, but without immigration issues or Ryan Reynolds), seems like a very down to earth, easygoing person who deserves all the success she has earned. I can’t understand why a guy who never deserved her in the first place (he was damn lucky), and seemed to put her on a pedestal, would ever lapse and go for such trash? As much as we yearn for that happy ending with a guy, sometimes I feel like we’re better off alone. Not necessarily permanently, but at least alone, we aren’t going to be dropped with some bombshell or end up with a broken heart. When you observe experiences like this (yes I know it’s with an A-lister but this can and has happened to anyone and everyone), it’s important to realize and understand that you should never ever settle, and be absolutely sure that this is the person you want to be with through thick and thin, and unless they pull something like this off, you can worth through anything with them.

Like many friends, I finally caved and dipped my foot into the pool of online dating, and it’s been an interesting ride. Even when you have a specific template or set of standards for what you want, and seem to be clear about that, everyone and everything in the kitchen sink seems to find you and try their luck. I thought I would have an open mind and go completely out of my ‘radius of standards’ but this experience has made me realize how picky I really am. While getting a free meal and going out with some freaks would make for some great stories, I just don’t find the need to waste my time like that. I want to spend my time with someone who is worth changing plans with a friend for. I’ve spoken to a few here and there, and even met one,Β  who was a really nice guy, but predictable and always calling when he said he would, etc. That would usually be oh-so-refreshing to me but I like having a challenge. I mean of course we want a guy who will call us when he says he does and geuninely showers us with compliments (ones we want to hear aside from appearances), but is that enough? I decided to embark on online dating because I was nursing a broken heart and was hoping this would get my mind off of things. It sadly did 2 things: made me realize I am not over that person who broke my heart yet and that I am picky and can’t just settle for anyone who may reach out to me. I feel like I’ve been through enough with the wrong guys in the past few years that I need to hold out for someone who is worth it. I guess being someone who is pretty impatient, I wanted it sooner than later, but I guess it will just take some more time to get to that point. One positive thing out of meeting people through these sites is that I take something different from each of them (like they arent the complete package I’m looking for, and no i dont have these crazy high standards–i just want the normal credentials met like college educated, caucasian, never married, no children, employed), and realize that I do have things to offer someone and will make someone worthy happy someday and vice versa. However, I realize I like when a guy isnt so predictable and someone who I wonder when he’ll call or experience a refreshing surprise when he does something I least expect. I want someone like the person I’m trying to get over, someone who made me feel exactly the way he did when things were good (like he was almost made for me or something). Like Tori Spelling once said about her husband, Dean McDermott (this quoting shouldn’t be a surprise from me since I love Tori!), when she met him, she saw so much of herself in him and it was like coming home. I want that. I felt that with this guy and I want to feel that way with the next one. At least when I feel that way again, I will know. One thing I know I won’t do is go back to that person who broke my heart and settle for someone who let me go in the first place. I want more than that.

Would you rather…

I always loved this game and was torn a lot on what was the better of 2 evils…here goes:

  • Would you rather skip Christmas for a year, or skip your birthday for a year? I think my birthday for a year…that way I’m the same age (not older) and I’ve actually wanted to not celebrate it for once
  • Would you rather snort half the pepper from a pepper shaker, or a live bee? snort half the pepper from the pepper shaker..i could sneeze it out
  • Would you rather swim in a pool of human blood for an hour, or hang upside down for 8 hours? hang upside down for 8 hrs, and while im deciding, can it be because i continually bungee jumped with a hot guy in costa rica?
  • Would you rather have 500 tarantulas crawling in your house or 1000 crickets jumping around your room? 1000 crickets..definitely
  • Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars? true doesnt buy happiness
  • Would you rather be rich and ugly, or Poor and good looking? poor and good looking…i could marry rich πŸ˜‰
  • Would you rather get caught singing in the mirror or spying on your crush? umm singing in the mirror? who writes these questions? haha
  • Would you rather go to an amusement park or to a family reunion? amusement park..every sunday in an italian girl’s world is a family reunion
  • Would you rather publish your diary or make a movie on your most embarrassing moment? hmm well i havent had a diary since 1995, so im sure what was written wasn’t too awful,Β  but im self deprecating, so let’s do the movie
  • Knowing that you are going to die tomorrow, would you rather spend your last night with your loved one, or with your favorite celebrity? my loved one..the celebrity could turn out to be an arrogant asshole and wouldnt that be unfortunate
  • Would you rather always take a cold shower or sleep an hour less than you need to be fully rested? umm definitely sleep an hour less..i hate cold showers
  • Would you rather always get first dibs or the last laugh? last laugh, absolutely
  • Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or never speak again? say everything on my mind…at least it would all be out there..haha..i dont think i could ‘never speak again’
  • Would you rather always lose or never play? always lose..all about playing the game
  • Would you rather always wear earmuffs or a nose plug? earmuffs
  • Would you rather always win pie-eating contests or always win wheelbarrow races? wheelbarrow races..haha..random
  • Would you rather be 3 feet tall or 8 feet tall? 3 feet used to being short
  • Would you rather be a deep sea diver or an astronaut? deep sea the ocean
  • Would you rather be able to hear any conversation or take back anything you say?
  • Would you rather be able to read everyone’s mind all the time or always know their future? read their mind all the time
  • Would you rather be able to stop time or fly? stop time..zack morris style..TIME OUT

I tend to overload myself with plans and keep busy on my weeknights and weekends, but due to the inclement weather, I had an excuse to breathe, and take some time to relax and evaluate everything in my life. It was nice to spend my weekend in sweatpants and catching up with my DVR, as it downpoured outside. I woke up this morning (spring ahead) and read that as a result of this crazy storm in the tristate area, trees had fallen down and crushed people’s cars and a few had died. It made me grateful that everything in my life was in one piece and the biggest concern I had was the dread of the approaching work week. We may all complain at times about minute things that can put a snag into our strides, but we should be grateful for what is going for us and realize that things could be a lot worse. That’s my hope for 2010, that we are all a little more positive and we should count our blessings.

Okay, onto some fun rings I’m loving and lusting for:

Cravings for Spring

Before I go into my thoughts on some spring cravings, I want to take a minute to remember someone who was in my life for only a short amount of time, but who impacted me and who I think of often, and that is my grandfather, who passed away 20 yrs ago today. I was only 6 yrs old, but I remember my mother receiving the dreaded phone call that he had passed away after a sudden heart attack during dinner. I would be the only grandchild he’d ever have, and I recall spending my early yrs going down to my grandparents for the weekend, sitting on his lap while watching cartoons, him pushing me on the swings, and being someone who was admired by many. He was the CEO of a company he had built from the bottom in the 1970s with my grandmother, and touched the lives of his employees, members of the community, and most of all, his family. My dad said when they first met (when he and my mom started dating 30+ yrs ago), he said that my grandfather always had the best recommendations for food (he knew where to get the best steak, burger, fish, anything, and always ordered it with a side of scotch) and took them out to his favorite haunts all over the city. He had a lot of health problems going against him from a young age, but it didn’t hinder him from living his life the fullest and making a home for his family (my mom said he would give the shirt off his back to just about anyone). When I interned at the company he had started (now my grandmother is the CEO), I came across all these newspaper clippings she saved, from interviews and articles he wrote for them about running a business, his family, and passion for life, and it would bring me to tears. I felt privileged that I could acquaint myself with him through these articles.Β  I wish I knew him past those 6 yrs of my life, but I feel his presence all the time, whether it’s through my positive attitude, my work ethic, my love of good food, and appreciation of those around me. I miss him everyday and know that while he may not be with us here, he still touches the lives of all those he came across in his 54 years. I dedicate this entry to him:Β  Paul DesChamps: 8/14/35-3/12/90.

Okay so now, what I’m craving for spring:

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park, NYC and also 77th and Columbus Ave)

I was lucky enough to work across the street from the Madison Square Park location for 2 yrs. We used to venture here ALL the time, and they in fact have, one of the best burgers. I usually get the shack burger (cheeseburger, with lettuce, tomato, special sauce, which is this concoction i cannot describe, but oh so good), fries, and a concrete jungle shake (vanilla, chocolate, banana and peanut butter mixed into a shake of amazingness). A lot of my vegetarian friends swear by the Shroom Burger (I hate mushrooms so I will never try), and my ambitious appetite friends get the Shack Stack (a double Shack Burger) with CHEESE fries and the concrete jungle shake. I like getting the freshly made Arnold Palmers as well. I recommend going to the Madison Square Park location in warmer temps since there’s outside seating (great for people watching). Note though that this is a major attraction, so you should try to get there early (11:30am) or later in the afternoon when there isn’t so much lunch traffic (like 3pm). You can also order and pick up, which is something we did a lot in the winter. All in all, a great place to try.

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aidan Bag (a splurge-y $498)

(sold at Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomies, etc)

I think gray is a great neutral and transition into spring vs black. I love that this bag is big enough to store all my junk (I carry lots of cargo..haha) and still has that chicness to it. I will be lusting this all spring (especially with the estimated ship date not being til 5/15).

Essie’s Mint Candy Apple nail polish!

Time to trash my winter colors that would be Essie’s Wicked and OPI’s Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not and embrace the colors of springtime, such as Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, RGB’s Doll, and OPI’s A Grape Fit.

Yankee Baseball Season!!!

When the weather is nice, and you have a fun group along for the ride, nothing is more fun than going to a Yankee game (esp when they win and when it does NOT rain). The 27 time world champions always attract a celebrity crowd, and i’m happy as a clam with my beer and hot dog, while shouting for some history to be made, even if it does put a tiny dent in my bank account.

Street fairs!

NYC has great markets on the weekends, which can close off several blocks. They can boast some great finds like pashimas, funky cocktail rings (ehem), vintage designer finds (i got gucci slippers at one a few yrs back), and zeppoles!

Al Fresco Dining

A fave of mine!!! I love going to brunch, happy hours, dinners, ANY MEAL, and eating outside. One of my fave places to go (esp to people watch) would be Caliente Cab in the West Village. Great Mexican food and ah-mazing margaritas! Ole!

Driving with the sunroof/moonroof down

Gotta love those roadtrips with the wind combing through your hair. Just hope it doesn’t result in a Bridget Jones fiasco (knots and volume!).

Lovequotes Scarves!!

These are light and come in every color. I love to use them to cover my arms when I’m indoors, or to wrap around my neck when I’m wearing a light jacket. This is a celeb fave and has been seen on the likes of Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Bosworth to name a few!


Some of my faves that I’ve been lucky to hit up in the springtime include Bon Jovi, Bruce, DMB, KT Tunstall, Dashboard Confessional, The Killers,Β  LIVE EARTH (ok so maybe this was summer, whatever..haha), and U2!

I think I’ve used a sufficient amount of your time (props to you for making it this far!!). Looking forward to the warmer weather. Have a great weekend, everyone!

When I was in college, I was inspired by one of my favorite TV characters (yes I am one of those, I loved SATC and Miss Carrie Bradshaw, get over it..i won’t spend my blogs quoting her and musing about love, don’t worry) to write a blog about my life, post breakup with my college boyfriend. Writing for me is a release and at that time, it was an outlet for me to vent about what I was going through daily, whether it was the awkward encounters I faced when seeing him on campus, or trying to give that guy in my cognitive psych class a chance, or just trying to figure myself out and what I wanted in my next relationship. All in all, it was a refreshing testament to my life and a diary of my young, naive hopes and fears, while trying to get over someone I thought I couldn’t live without (ah, the cutesy POV of a 19 yr old in love). Believe me, I could and I think I lived even better without him in my life. Anyways, enough about the past. I am 26 now, and leaving 20 yr old Danielle behind. Since I tire of reading the same old sites daily during the slow days of pre media planning for the next campaign year, I will be writing. Some things may be of interest to you, some things may not be and I understand that, but since it’s my blog, I’m at liberty to discuss ANYTHING i want!!! πŸ™‚Β  I have a wealth of interests, so don’t be surprised if one entry covers a major sports trade or game, and then the next discusses the best burger I’ve ever had, and if the NEXT entry talks about what I’m lusting for in the upcoming spring season (expect a lot of, you guessed it, cocktail rings, along with satchels, shoes, scarves, dresses, etc).

Most of you who will be reading my blog will likely already know me, so if you are in that classification, feel free to skip this paragraph and go to the next. If you do not know me, thanks for spending your downtime reading this before going onto your twitter page, to facebook to stalk everyone you’re friends with (come on, you know you even look at that rando from HS’s page every now and then, esp when they post pics), perez to check out some celeb gossip he took from other sites (ehem tmz, eonline, pinkisthenewblog, dlisted, tyler durden, the list goes on), cnn/foxnews/nbc/people, so in the event some higher up walks by, you look like you care about the world. Anyways, there I go babbling. So for those of you who do not know me, I love sports (all of them, and i love spending a nite in after work watching one of my teams play), traveling (to the familiar and unknown), sleeping in, going to a good dive with a good beer (some faves I’ll be sure to cover in upcoming entries), karaoke, celeb gossip, drinking an abnormal amount of Snapple daily (diet peach is a fave), and of course cheeseburgers and cocktail rings. It reflects me kinda well since I am laid back with some girly girl mixed in.

You may ask, why did I call this blog ‘Cheeseburgers and Cocktail Rings’? Well there’s a few reasons. Aside from the literal meaning of my love for both cheeseburgers and cocktail rings, I’m a fan of 2 opposing ideas coming together like eating fast food in an evening gown (experienced this myself a few times, drowning my sorrows with a Big Mac and Supersize Diet Coke after being dumped by my first post-collegiate work romance, hmm would I even call it a romance? and of course, the most recent, going to In and Out Burger in our going out garb, via limo in Vegas!!), mixing sweet with salty (pretzels and chocolate..mmhmm), and those high profile/average joe/josephine match-ups we frequently see happening (i.e. Chris O’Donnell and his school teacher wife, who i love together!)..I’m a fan of polarizing ideas such as these. Anyways, I hope you enjoy what I will be providing in these coming months…if anything, it can be another website you peruse during your downtime in the office πŸ˜‰